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Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on August 19, 2021
Don't review most amazon purchases and always wait until I've used the product enough to give a fair review. This is one item that I felt deserved a review as people can spend a considerable amount of money on a bike rack. First of all the rack came well packaged and assembly was easy. My first test run with the rack was in the city with one bike loaded. Most people consider hwy driving to be more demanding on a bike rack, but I feel that city driving places more stresses on the rack due to constant turning, pot holes, etc. Only used the available straps on the rack and the bike was stable the entire drive. Have since driven on the hwy. approx 700kms and the rack was good. I did notice some slight movement in the rack, but I think all racks would do this. Also used a couple of extra straps to secure the bike. I read one review where the entire rack came out of the hitch on the hwy so as a precaution I cut down a ratchet strap and was able to loop it through the bottom post of the rack and onto the hitch loops. This was not necessary, but just provided peace of mind that if the pin failed or rack became loose there was no way for it to completely fall out. The locking knob is a nice feature, but I've only used the rack about 10 times, so I can't comment on it's longevity. So far so good. Would recommend this rack 100%.
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