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Reviewed in Canada on December 13, 2013
Of course you all realize that, when all of the actors portraying our favorite crew will age into the original series character's age, they will not at all look the same. They already don't. So when your sons - or grandsons, as none of us are getting any younger - asks the embarassing question: 'Dad, why do these same persons with the same names and at the same age look entirely different from one another?' You will have to fumble an answer like: 'Well, son, a totally senile pointed-ear character chose to travel back in time and create a different timeline in which, for starters, planets Vulcan and Romulus have been annihilated.' That's right, folks, everything from the first timeline, of which you bought all the DVDs, has been irrevocably eradicated. (Of course now you have to consider giving away all of those now-obsolete DVDs to some carefree young nephew in the hope of turning him into a young first-timeline trekkie... good luck!) Furthermore, it clearly appears that in that second timeline, time itself moves at an incredibly accelerated rate. We could easily call it the dynamite timeline. It is a much more thunderous universe in which exploding events ceaselessly cascade into one another. No time for idle recollection here, folks. And not too much depth either. Not a hint of resemblance whatsoever with the very first movie, 'Star Trek The Motionless Picture' of the old, verging on ancient, timeline. Look out for a new, exciting, faster-than-a-commercial Star Trek movie every two years.
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