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Reviewed in Canada on November 17, 2014
I decided to give The Martian a go, even though I usually am pretty sceptical about reviews. However, I was really blown away. Love the book from the moment I started to read it. The story is somewhat unique, and very engaging.
You may wander, how one can write a story about a man stuck on Mars, and how adventures can it really be? But I can guarantee that you want be bored or disappointed.
As few people mentioned before, yes, the book has a lot of technical descriptions. I am not an expert in biology, chemistry or engineering, but I actually really enjoyed the descriptions. I didn't find them boring, or overwhelming, because Andy balances everything so very well. He cleverly explains the process, without completely dumbing it down. He tosses in a great sense of humour as well, which makes the book even better.
My only regret? That I read the book too fast. I grew really attached to the main character, it was hard to see "the end".
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4.6 out of 5
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