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Reviewed in Canada on November 4, 2002
Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile by Bernard Waber is a really good book. It's about a crocodile that lives on East 88th street with Mr. and Mrs. Primm and ther son Joshua. He helps them out with many things and is very loved. There is a man named Mr. Grumps that lives two houses down. He has a pet cat named Loretta and Lyle always tries to get her to like him because she seems so scared at the sight of him. Mr. Grumps thinks that Lyle's causing problems so he gets papers authorizing Lyle to be sent to the city zoo. While Lyle is in the zoo he is rescued by Signor Valenti. He takes him to visit his house on East 88th street. While there, he notices that Mr. Grumps' house is on fire. He rescues him and Loretta and then everyone is happy again because everything is put back together.
I think this is a book for children that are already quite a bit into the reading process. There are some pretty big words. Other than that, I think this book is very well put together and that alot of you out there will enjoy it very much. I highly recamend that you read this book with your children. "With", meaning that they defiently need a chance to have fun with it also. This book is highly recamended by me.
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