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Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on January 14, 2023
I was born the same year as the late Diana, the Princess of Wales and apparently shared some of her favourites - the music, the taste in perfumes, the love of truth, the need for freedom of expression...the love of children, her own and other. In her years as Princess Di, the media hounded her, celebrated her, made her look like a misfit, assigned blame, raised her on a pedestal, then slowly but surely directed her death, knowing full well her desire for an ounce of privacy that she so deserved after all she gave of herself. Deja vu.

Here is her boy, who was raised in a guilded cage (but never afforded a proper treatment or therapy, shipped off to boarding schools and various homes which were always empty of what he sought most - unconditional love of a parent), currently subjected to yet another media feeding frenzy because he disclosed too much. Of what? Of his own soul searching journey? Who cares what impression his book leaves about the Royal family, King Charles or the Institution? What is wrong with this world? People, that's what. Envy, greed, wrath, pride...should I go on? I am disgusted at the depth of human malice (media and anyone posting about Harry's betrayal) and I wish Harry and his family the best of luck in the future they carve for themselves, the one his mother wished for herself but was not permitted to enjoy. The twisted, cruel minds working their plots, the ignorant public taking the bait...nothing has changed, but there is hope. For those two lovely toddlers, for my unborn grandchild (not sure about the percentage of Blackness, but Grandma can't wait to hold you), for all the future generations because we cannot survive this malice as a species, climate change or not.
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