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Reviewed in Canada on February 6, 2020
I love this deck, it's my second one, I got a tarot deck right before this (the Good Tarot which I'm in love with and can't recommend enough.) These moonology cards really complement and enhance my readings, they give guidance and add depth to my tarot spreads. My readings have gotten better with them, and really help tie everything together. I've had it happen a couple times now where I have a tarot reading that isn't really resonating very deeply with me, it's not coming through clearly, until I get to the second moonology card (sometimes third if I need even more clarification) and then it just hits me like a brick wall and everything ties together perfectly, the tarot cards take on new meaning, my intuition kicks in, and the messags is crystal clear. And it's the message you needed to hear, not always the one you wanted to hear.

Now about the deck itself, the artwork is beautiful, the cards are high quality (though a little big for my small hands) and I love that it has a little message described right on the card, so I'm able to know right away what it means and not always use the book. But if I need to know more, the book also has some interesting insights that have also been key to revealing the message of the overall reading.

Can't go wrong with these cards! The price is also great. But I personally wouldn't have this deck as my only deck, I believe they're meant to be used in unison with a Tarot deck.
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