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Reviewed in Canada on January 25, 2021
I had bought a quest 2 only a week ago. Bought it mainly as a getaway due to covid whilst still being able to do my coding work. After two days of working on the quest 2 with the stock strap, I felt so much frustration from the discomfort to the point where I was upset that I even bought the thing. Was even more upset that I regretted spending money on the quest 2 to be this uncomfortable while working. On the verge of tossing my headset out the window (not really haha) I looked into getting an elite strap or some sort of 3rd party strap to solve my uncomfort. As other Quest 2 users know its absolutely impossible to find an genuine oculus elite strap, I did some digging into third party solutions. I stumbled upon this strap in particular, more good reviews than I've seen on others, and now I know why. This headstrap is super comfortable and just the ability to loosen and tighten the strap with ease is amazing. I'm now able to do work on the quest 2 through hours and hours and not feel umcomfortable. I stress that if you buy a quest 2, get rid of that stock strap as soon as possible. look into an elite strap or some sort of third party strap. This is the strap I'd recommend all day. Cheers happy virtual living!
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