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Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on April 27, 2019
I can’t tell you the last time I physically read a book in one sitting— the last time that I was so immersed in a novel that I couldn’t even bother to get up for a box of tissues. For three hours I sat in bed crying onto its pages and using my wrist and the collar of my T-shirt as a Kleenex— gross, I know, TMI. But this book, guys.. the way Khorram wrote Darius’s depression, I was just so connected. It brought me back to earlier in life, back when I was depressed long before I “had a reason” to be; back to when it didn’t make sense as to why I felt this way, before my dad explained to me what it meant went my doctor said I had a chemical imbalance. I didn’t have the words to describe my depression and anxiety.
I learned so much from this novel. About people and culture and myself. Following Darius’s growth was just so beautiful and heart wrenching. Closing this book after its last page left me feeling so warm and full and somehow hollow at the same time.
I’ve loved so many books in my life. I’ve never considered a book to be perfect until I found this one.
11/10. Darius has a special and huge place in my heart forever.
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