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Reviewed in Canada on March 27, 2019
Emily Henry is an amazing writer and I’m sure this will be a five star read for a lot of people. I tried to read it in the middle of a reading slump and it just didn’t hit home for me but I could still see how well written it is. Personally, of her books so far I liked A Million Junes the most, then The Love That Split the World, then this one. I think it depends on what type of relationship you like out of a story. If you love close knit friend groups then this could be the one for you. I’ve never had a large group of friends, just one or two close friends at a time, so that could be part of why I didn’t connect with this one as much as the others. It is also a bit more sci-fi and has some more thriller elements than her other two books so far. I hope this helps someone decide if they want to read this!
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