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Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on July 7, 2021
I previously purchased a different irrigation system but was drawn to this because of the value in the length of hose and the multiple connectors and nozzles.
The good:
The plastic nozzles are superior to a metal version I had in a different kit
They allow spray to be adjusted at each nozzle
The volume of spray is greater if you like
The nozzle can be tightened to be completely shut off! (providing an end point if you wish rather than a plug)

The bad:
The connectors have barbs which you are meant to push the hose onto and these will lock the fitting in place.
The barbs are too big and cause the pipe to become stretched as it is pressed on. When the hose is pushed fully on, the deformed hose now does not create a proper seal.
For the nozzles (which have one barb and are therefore easier to manipulate and press together with force), I was able to have some success in pushing fully past the barb, but I still had cases of leaking.
The t-joins are a disaster, often impossible to push the hose passed the barb.

Top Tip:
I spent a lot of time with the t-joins and tried everything, they are effectively un-useable as provided.
Using a blade, I cut the edges of the barb off completely so that I was left with just a the core cylinder shape of the connector.
The hose pushed directly onto the connector much more easily, I had no leaks, and the connection was firm.

Personally I would re-order this kit but the quality and usability of the kit would be drastically improved by removing the barbs significantly.
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