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Reviewed in Canada on November 7, 2020
While the link cable looks nice, feels nice, and works part of the time, it's incredibly faulty to justify the ridiculous pricetag. I bought it thinking this would ensure the best connection for using my Quest 2 for PCVR, but no, it's junk. I can't go more than half an hour without a random "PC Disconnected" message, which is insanely frustrating when playing lengthier games like Halflife Alyx. Whenever this happens I have to take off the headset, shut down the game, shut down Steam, restart the Oculus app on my PC and start again. This happens regularly using either the USBC port on my 2080TI, or on the motherboard itself. Not sure if it's a faulty cable, bad link software, or what, but Oculus has been zero help in correcting the issue. Spent two weeks dealing with support, sending logs back and forth, over and over, went through their standardized checklist of generic possible fixes(most of which having nothing to do with link, but humored them anyway), just to have them say "will have to look into this further" and stop responding.
This is what I get for buying the first run of new hardware before they work out the faults. Don't buy this cable. Quest 2 is still good on it's own(for low level games/apps), but if you're wanting something for PCVR I'd highly recommend a different headset. They might be pricier, but well worth it to avoid this headache.
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