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Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on September 19, 2020
It arrived in good time so securely packaged that it took a very long time to open the box and release 2 large blocks of styrofoam that held the small parts that fit together. That was a bit tiresome, also more than annoying is that I will have to pay for 2x$ 4.25 garbage tags to be rid of the 2 large blocks of slightly crumbly styrofoam that are unacceptable to local recycling. I resisted cutting the blocks in half incase the bits flew all over my house- as stryrofoam has a tendency to do .
Now to the lamp itself. It looks elegant and is very simple to put together BUT it really only works in one position as moving rods that activate the lamp head ( only capable ,as it turns out, of being either up or down- not side to side as would have been more useful) the position of the arms tend to affect the lamp's basic balance. Irritating Best leave it that it looks great , a handsome lamp ok for reading which is why I got it.
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