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Reviewed in Canada on August 5, 2020
This little things is so perfect. I was going back and forth between this and the Firestick. They both had the same bad review-that they glitch and keep reloading. I just bought this and haven’t experienced it yet, but will update my review if I do experience that. I decided to go with the Roku because my living room television is a Roku. For anyone with a Roku device I definitely recommend getting this over the Firestick. I logged into my roku account during setup and it loaded all of my apps to the stick automatically. I got it mainly beside I wanted access to the Peleton app on my old basement tv, and this is perfect! I sold my old Apple TV and bought two of these with that money so that all of the TVs in my house are roku. Crave, Netflix, prime, Disney+, Peloton, Sirius XM...this thing is great.

For everyone complaining that you need to put in credit card information, the bottom of the page has a “skip this step” button, so you don’t need to. Add your credit card. I also like this remote way better than the Firestick/Apple TV remote.
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