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Reviewed in Canada on December 22, 2019
I purchased this Roku on a whim (after a bit of research) wanting a device to hopefully replace the growing number of devices we've been using to access various kinds of media. I did a little digging into various media streamers from various companies and even compared what the different models of Roku offered. This one seemed to fit the bill with support for a lot of what we were looking for and with a plan of being connected to a non-4K TV, we didn't see a need to go into the more expensive models. Here's some quick notes:

+ The unit itself is TINY (barely larger than a tic-tac box), taking up no space near our TV.
+ Dead easy to use remote and extremely simple setup. Up and running in mins.
+ Snappy and simple interface, free of intrusive ads or forced suggestions.
+ Tons of streaming service support (Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, Google Play, YouTube, AppleTV, Cineplex and so on)
+ DLNA support (The ability to play media from a NAS or other connected server/computer over wifi)
+ Solid built in closed captioning and with tons of customization options (something my wife and I enjoy)
+ $40 is a complete steal.

- I had to google this, but, you never really turn it off. It doesn't have a power button, you just turn off your TV. It's meant to always be on to do quick updates. Feels alien to me, but not a big issue.
- Custom buttons on remote for specific services are useless if you don't use the service. It'd be nice to customize these.
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