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Reviewed in Canada on December 2, 2019
Ordered this for my XP machine to replace my cheap wireless mouse that continuously disconnected.

Performance wise they do exactly what I expect them to do. Type and point.

The mouse is a big larger than I'm used to as well as lighter with no way to increase that weight but that's fine.
The LED indicating which speed setting the mouse is on is quite handy though I find I can't quite get it to the setting that I've grown accustomed to with my other mouse. It's either a tad too slow or a tad too fast, not a big deal but noticable.
The mousewheel is really the only other thing I want to comment on and it's only because it's a lose spin. There are no solid clicks for when you want a responsive scroll that isn't going to go too far. It's something else I've come to appreciate in my other mouse which has a toggle between smooth scroll and clicky scroll. It's a minor detail but one I hope becomes more common among mice.

The keyboard is a nice clicky noisy mechanical feely keyboard. If you like loud then this is your buddy right here. First thing I noticed when I tried it out was how satisfying it was to feel and hear each keystroke. Something my main keyboard is somewhat lacking.
The wrist rest is surprisingly comfortable. My main board doesn't have one and I'm definitely noticing the difference. It's not super soft but it definitely makes typing for prolonged periods of time must less straining, something I thought a myth until I tried this keyboard.

I highly recommend this combo but before I fully secure my rating I should note that upon arrival my package was a bit loose. When I carried the box I heard something was moving around and when I opened it I found that several of the keys were jumbling around in the box. Fortunately none were missing but they definately don't secure themselves in place as well as the others. Probably why they fell out. They are still able to be put back into place but they definitely have a loose feeling to them. Still very responsive but not a good first impression.

One final note as well is the font. I am so used to very clear fonts on keyboards that I never even considered there being alternative fonts out there and this keyboard has a doozy of a font. Makes some letters and symbols difficult to differentiate, at least for me. I know it's not an RGB thing because my main board is backlit as well but for some reason this board has several letters and symbols that are cut down the middle like a stencil. Not a font I recommend for keyboards when you normally need to be able to know what you're looking at quickly. I've got a pretty good memory of which key is where but not everyone does, and the fact that each keyboard is usually laid out differently and in differring shapes and sizes, most people will be looking down to confirm that they are indeed hitting the correct key because they aren't used to their keyboard yet. I find the stencil font makes that difficult to do.

Aside from that however I do believe this combo is very well priced and I do recommend it to anyone looking for a decent budget keyboard and mouse combo for their games, unless they're streamers. Streamers don't buy this because the keys are very noisy and your viewers will likely be annoyed by that.
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