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Reviewed in Canada on September 21, 2020
I am a right-handed person, the ambidextrous design bothers some people, but I find it comfortable.

I use the thumb buttons for push-to-talk(PTT), one for in-game PTT, other for discord, etc, PTT.
Don't bother trying to use the buttons opposite to your thumb side(at least not for gaming), it's a very awkward reach.
Hyperscroll is very good for websites, the non-hyperscroll is very tactile and suitable for gaming.
DPI changer is fine, but I don't really use it often.
No latency. Apparently, it's supposed to be faster than wired, but honestly you can't tell the difference.
Sensors are technically supposed to be more accurate than the old model, not really humanly discernible considering how accurate sensors are nowadays.

I'm an original G903 owner, so the rest of the review will be in comparison to the old version of the G903, which, in my opinion, was the best mouse.

Snagged this for $150, $50 cheaper than what I paid for the original G903 when it first came out.

Please take into account the fact that I have lighting disabled, it really adds nothing to the experience.
I'm leaving this review because it arrived at half charge and after two weeks of non-stop usage, the battery finally went down to 3 percent. Charge is really fast too. After about a minute, the battery went to 20%. Amazing.

Low battery indicator is not obnoxious like it is on the old G903. The old model would flash red and would be really distracting, the new model is more like a fade in and out really slowly, so it's not annoying the crap out of me.

Icons in the logitech software still don't load properly, however, a reinstall which I am too lazy to do might fix it, regardless, everything is still functional in it. The UI doesn't look like it was designed a decade ago, which is a plus I guess.

Don't get the powerplay mat, it's pointless when the battery life is this good. Just charge it once a month while you're watching a TV show episode, and you're good. Off switch is pretty pointless considering it has a seamless auto-sleep function, only necessary for travelling.
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