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Reviewed in Canada on June 5, 2017
Not for the faint of heart because it is showing you all the horrors of war but if you want to really see why our soldiers come back so messed up, this is a good place to start. A bit like Saving Private Ryan on showing crude reality of a fighting field. I like that the dad had been there before him and that he knew going into the army how messed up his father was when he came back.

I really like biographical movies where at the end you get to meet the real persons that inspired the movie so that was a plus. I hesitated because I must say that I don't agree with Mr. Gibson's personal views and I thought of boycotting the film because of it but I would have missed out on a good movie.

No matter what you think of Mr. Gibson personally, the guy has talent. I kept wondering if the subject matter might be a message from Mr.Gibson to his detractors. How we pass judgment on people from hearsay and base all our opinions on impressions you have of them and how you are more often than not completely beside the track just like Mr. Doss was judged a coward for refusing to carry a riffle into combats and prove everybody so very wrong.

An homage to our fighting men and women in the fact that he didn't hide the horror that is a war. I'm not sure the army will like it but for those who intend to join and have a glorious view of what the life of soldiers is, who think that war is like a video game where you kill them but you think you are invincible, well maybe they might think twice unless they think it is only a movie...

Hats off to all the men and women in the army everywhere. It takes a special kind of person to be able to do this job. I couldn't so thank you for your service to protect whatever country you are fighting for. Though when we win it is a great victory and if we lose a great massacre, the other side feels the same way. And I like that part in the movie too, that he did help wounded, no matter who they were.
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