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Reviewed in Canada on November 25, 2019
This series got such great reviews that I really wanted to love it. I thought the first book was decent, but A Court of Wings and Fury was unbearable.

I didn't mind the whole plot twist Tamlin is not all he seems part; this was hinted at throughout the first book.

So why did I hate it?

First, the writing was terrible. Not only were the descriptions stereotypical to the point of making me want to puke (and I like Twilight), but rather than letting the characters develop organically via the plot, the author subjected readers to constant info dumps in the guise of conversations.

Second, the characters are not likeable even when they should be (they aren't written as antiheros). Rhys is just as controlling as Tamlin just in different ways, yet the reader is expected to adore him.

Finally the story itself is full of logic gaps. Nothing is ever fully explained, but not in a magical things are not all they seem in fairyland kind of way, more in a not fully thought through kind of way.

Save your time and money and try a different series.
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