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Reviewed in Canada on January 20, 2014
Let me set things straight from the very beginning:

THIS MOVIE IS BEAUTIFUL!!! Yes, I know, each and every academic hates this word, and they consider it shallow and meaningless... Yet, I think that when something touches one's heart, this IS the word we do use... Beyond whatever critics might say about it, I found this movie simply BEAUTIFUL...

But... The DVD transfer is AWFUL!!! It is described as a movie with an aspect ratio of 2.35:1, but it is a 4:3 letterbox copy, where the original movie size doesn't even fit into the old, ugly 4:3 format... I was utterly disappointed with it. Stay away from this release (Touchstone Home Entertainment, release date: Sept. 2, 2003)!!!

The movie deserves 5+, the DVD deserves -5... unfortunately, I know that giving it only one star will make a big injustice for the movie... but we must pass the message to the studios that they must stop taking us for imbeciles!!!

I must underline that this review has nothing to do with or with the seller of this item. I thank both of them, but the description of this product was deeply misleading.
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