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Reviewed in Canada on December 4, 2019
To be frank, I much preferred my old Kindle, the one with the keyboard. Pity it died on me.
My main gripe with this one is the option I found in the storage management : books will be deleted if not opened for one year.
I bought the 32gigs Oasis ESPECIALLY to put all my books in there, I figured 32gigs should be enough.
I do not want to have to go through every collection in there in order to keep the books active.

I have several bookshelves full of real books in my home. Most of them were bought more than 5 years ago. And I assure you that they do not disappear from my bookshelves if I don't open them every year.
Nor do the words disappear.

I'd like this option to be removed. I can manage my storage myself, thank you.

ETA : Finally decided to return the reader. Too much money for a device I can't fully control. As I mentioned earlier, I greatly preferred the model who had a physical keyboard.
Too bad it's not available. Because I hate touch screen.
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