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Reviewed in Canada on September 4, 2015
This is a fascinating book, written by an American Indian; who does not live on a reservation. He gives a readable and realistic account of the interactions between Whites and Indians, and conveys a personal understanding of the position of both groups, Acts of cruelty, unfairness and disrespect are related dispassionately, and the immense failure of the Europeans to appreciate the Indian culture and civilisation is clearly brought. The assumption that only Christianity can bring 'civilisation' to the two peoples is stressed throughout the book and the failure of the Europeans to even try to see good in the Indian ways is incomprehensible. I wonder whether we would have done better 100 years later, but I think we are just as greedy and single-minded as our ancestors. Tepees and feather headdresses, scalping and bloody battles have made the Indians into caricatures, and few Europeans immigrants to either Canada or the States have ever really tried to see Indians as people like ourselves, with the same needs and feelings but differently expressed. Every thinking person in Canada and the US should read this book and learn from it
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