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Reviewed in Canada on August 10, 2019
I bought this box thinking it'd be exciting to try a bunch of different flavours of coffee over the next few months of morning shifts... I did not consider how those flavours might be not great. Like, I knew nor all of them would be amazing, but I didn't expect all of them to be bad. Mediocre at best.

My primary complaint is that the flavours are overwhelmingly artificial. Raspberry and cherry flavours taste like medicine, mint is just strange. The best are the Bosco chocolates, they also.come across as very artificial but something about fake chocolate and caramel flavours translates better than fruit.

In addition to this is the "mystery" flavours, which ought to be fun but ambushed me with raspberry, you can't really avoid it if you don't plan on wasting anything.

I'm sure some folks are okay with this, but for me and people like me, it's too much.
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