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Reviewed in Canada on June 19, 2021
There is a lot in this book that is bad...the protagonist from the first book is now somehow the antagonist? The author spent so much time trying to convince us that he was good, but now he is bad. Also, Rhys was completely messed up in the first book, yet somehow has a change of heart in a few weeks? Honestly, Rhys would probably be in jail for sexual assault from book one but now becomes somewhat of a Mother Theresa. There are many reviews saying he became a "changed man", yet the author has to shove it into your face so blatantly to get her point across. This only gets worse as the series progresses. Just a heads up, I came into this series thinking it was YA because the first book was kind of subtle in the inappropriate scenes, but boy was I wrong. This is my fault though. Anyways, I wouldn't suggest this to my worst enemy.
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