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Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on November 28, 2022
I have read this, not right away, I was a little scared, once an alcoholic and also a pill popper, mostly opiates, I was also a smoker, so this book, I was scared to read, but I eventually picked it up and couldn't stop reading, Hi, I'm Jenny, I am an alcoholic, my last drink was September 2021, hi I'm Jenny, my last cigarette was February 2022, my last pill was 2 weeks ago, every word I can resonate to, my stomach is messed up too, I was just released from the hospital 2 weeks ago, I can relate to the agonizing pain, but after reading this Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing, I feel hope, and faith, fill the entire sky, and I am ready to do something important, only time will tell.

Thank you Matthew Perry.

P.S. I actually prayed while in the hospital, and I'm not Christian, that's how terrified I was, not seeing my kids faces terrified me, that I actually cried and prayed, and I kept telling myself while praying, I'm not Christian, but God please, let me see my kids grow up, at least to 100 years old to see grandkids and be there for every second. I never told my sister I prayed.
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