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Reviewed in Canada on April 3, 2021
This has now happened to me twice. I'm in the shower and I drop the thing. Even if you drop it on its side, the small hole where the face wash comes out of will immediately become clogged. There's no way to unclog it. There's no way to unscrew the cap. You will be faced with three options:

1. Don't wash your face until after the shower; or
2. Get out in the middle of the shower and grab a knife; or
3. Bite the package to pry it open with your teeth like an animal

I ultimately chose option 3. Again, all it takes is to drop it just once. After the nightmarish last twelve months we've all experienced, even my face wash is becoming a problem? Going to try a competitor for the first time in ten years for that reason alone. Revert to previous package, fix the small hole so it doesn't clog, or make it possible to unscrew the cap.
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