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Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on September 12, 2022
What can be said about a bare-bones no-frills computer keyboard? Lots. First this a plug-and-play wired QWERTY keyboard. Advantages: Reliable performance, clearly marked keys, small workspace footprint. It is ideal as a desktop backup or for those whose laptop computer has a small confusing key array. Wireless keyboards may be convenient, but a single wireless keyboard can churn through a huge number of batteries every year. Disposal of those batteries is not only environmentally unfriendly but Murphy's Law says the batteries will die at the most inopportune times (think mission-critical deadlines). A wired keyboard avoids all that. This keyboard needs to be seriously considered by both two-fingered keyboardists and those who keyboard using the legendary Columbus Method (when you think you've found what you're looking for, land on it). Gamers and whiz-bang ten-fingered keyboardists need to look elsewhere for a fancier keyboard. This keyboard has all the usual keys in the usual places including a key for the Windows calculator and a key not commonly found: for Windows "My Computer". That key will be often used by those with a multi-partition system, which admittedly is not a majority of people. Next to that key is amusement, a key which calls forth Windows Media Player. Really. Now no one I have ever met actually uses WMP. Not when there's *vastly* superior freeware readily available (think WinAmp for audio and VLC Player for video - google them). There's even special volume control keys for WMP. You have to wonder what the designers of this keyboard were thinking. Speaking of volume, I've found the main all-purpose volume control buttons (located elsewhere) are often, but not always, slow to respond. This slowness is not the fault of the keyboard, but the poor design of Windows. Given the inexpensive price of this keyboard, have it kicking around in the event of an accident disabling your usual keyboard. (Ever spill a coffee on a keyboard? Ouch. RIP keyboard. It happens more often than you think.) Or get this keyboard for an inept child still struggling with basic keyboarding. Come to think of it, there's a few adults in that category, too.

Note: This review was written with this keyboard. All errors and typos are the fault of the keyboardist and not the keyboard.
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