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Reviewed in Canada on March 2, 2001
Bauer has done a wonderful job collecting these short stories written ideally for youth, but to be enjoyed at any age. The variety and depth of each story are delightful, from the gentle awe of first love in "The Honorary Shepherds" to the wit and social messages brought out in stories like the title "Am I Blue" by Bruce Coville (a renowned children's and young adult's author). These stories are about first love, broken hearts, delicate epiphanies and familial bonds, and they stir in us the memories of the realization of our own sexuality and give us time to reflect on the essense of youth.

Am I Blue is a collection destined to be a classic, and not to be passed up. For the straight and queer alike, these stories are a light in the perpetual darkness of youth. Buy it - you'll be glad you did.
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