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Reviewed in Canada on December 19, 2021
I ordered 4 boxes of the Level 3 masks. A problem initially in that they took longer than expected to arrive and we received a different order that included only 2 boxes, with other items. However, this was in a period where major issues had disrupted commercial activity and shipping in British Columbia, so no criticism; happy to receive them. The seller responded within 24h with a return label for the unwanted items and a tracked express delivery for the remaining 2 boxes, which arrived in a couple of days.

I have worn masks for many years in my work, and these are extremely well-sized, shaped and comfortable. Airflow when breathing is fine for Level 3, and the foam strip at the top does indeed help reduce eyeglass fog - albeit not completely if you're outside at -10oC (and I wouldn't expect it to).

These are shipped from Burnaby, BC, but are made for Thinka Canada by a company in Qingyuan, China according to the enclosed certificate. This may be relevant to purchasers who choose to buy products physically made in particular locations. However, this is the best source I have found that is distributed from within Canada. Would definitely buy again from this supplier.
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