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Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on September 26, 2019
This Hemp oil really picked up my mood. I wouldn’t consider myself to have been depressed, just blah and life felt mediocre. But after about two to three weeks of taking these pills diligently morning and evening, I suddenly felt a noticeable lift in my mood. It felt like a light had gone off in my head and body. I had more energy than I’d had before, almost as though a force was lifting me off my chair, and making me get things done. I was so enjoying the mood altering affects of this miracle pill until, much to my disappointment I began experiencing gastro problems day and night, forcing me to discontinue taking the pills. I’ve been off them for a couple of weeks now and I can feel the old feeling of blah coming back. So these pills really worked for me. I’m now on the hunt for an alternative method of ingesting hemp oil perhaps in the form of drops. Anyway these pills are a great deal for the money if you’re lucky enough to not have any gastro side effects.

**UPDATE: My search for an alternate source of something similar to these Manitoba hemp oil soft gels in tincture form proved fruitless. So I thought I’d make my own tincture of these hemp oil soft gels. I pierce a soft gel, squeeze the hemp oil under my tongue, keeping the oil there for 1 -1/2 minutes, then swallow the rest. I also wait 15 minutes before eating or drinking anything. I have been getting the same wonderful mood and energy boosting results as swallowing the soft gels but with no gastric upset at all. Also taking the hemp oil once a day is enough for me, making the 60 count bottle last even longer than taking the pills twice daily.
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