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Reviewed in Canada on March 29, 2019
What can I say about this movie WOW! I usually don't give 5 stars but this movie I have to. The story in this movie is great. The actors are great best ever Aquaman. I am not going to tell you about the movie it is better if you don't now about the movie this way you will enjoy if you have not seen. The in the beginning helps with the characters to tell who what where and when. Aquaman we learn of his growing up to be a man and how he learns of his ability's. There is lots of action in the movie and the special affects is the best ever I would think. Other movie like Avengers is great effects but to do under water that is just amazing. In the movie we also learn how Atlantis became who they are and how they became as people under water. We all see different cultures as people or creatures in the deep and how peace is keeper under the sea. I recommend this movie very much. The movie is about 2 hours 20 minute witch is great I would have like 3 hours but this is good. Problem now days they include deleted seems not in the movie but on the side and I hate that. Lot of movies I have bought say deleted seems included and you get the movie and the deleted seen are not in the movie. I thing if you want to show us the deleted seems then leave them in the movie we watch. That said Aquaman movie is great hope there is another. We lost Batman and now even Superman so though's 2 characters will have to be redone. Aquaman, was in Justice League with Batman Superman and Wonder Woman & flash so what happens to these movies and the next movies. We will see.
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