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Customer Review

Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on September 18, 2017
So I’ve purchased three of these over the years. First two I bought came in a bag. Those two still work and feel like great quality when handling. Have a 5 star review for these back then.

The latest one I ordered, May 20th 2021, came in a box. Packaging really isn’t the point but just thought I’d mention the packaging change and it wasn’t the only thing that changed unfortunately. The new adapter itself just feels crappy and light and thin. It worked though, so I thought nothing more of it…until today. It just suddenly started malfunctioning and, within 2 minutes, not working anymore. I thought it was my monitor. Tested everything from the GPU port, to the Monitor itself. Everything works except the adapter. Tried it on different monitors and systems, nothing at all. The system and the monitor register that they are connected to each other but display nothing at all. I unfortunately didn’t register purchase for the warranty so I don’t know if they’ll help me resolve this.
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