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Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on March 30, 2020
I only purchased this book, because I wanted a reference book for Deep learning but could not wait for 2nd edition. Seeing the discounted price, I thougth I would go ahead with the purchase, and just buy 2nd edition again anyway later this year.

This review is not about the content of the book, but of the book's quality. Specifically I have a suspicion that the book I received was counterfeit. I say this for the following reasons:
1) there is an insert that allows me to download the e-book for free from the publisher's website. However, the insert is littered with typos, of the automatic OCR scan-to-text type. Eg link is tink, etc.
2) the binding looks a bit glue-gunned, especially to this insert
3) the graphics look pixelated (especially the graphs), the print looks like it was done in economode, and the paper is recycled/grey looking.

Therefore, be mindful of the purchase and gauge from the selling price. Remember that the MSRP is approx $65.
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