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Reviewed in Canada on September 28, 2020
I have the Roku Stick+ in the living room to convert a non-smart tv into a smart tv and I love it. So easy to set up and use. So, for the bedroom I figured I would get the cheaper option since HD quality doesn't matter as much to me in that case. The Roku system is the exact same on this Express remote, which is great. BUT one major annoyance and flaw in my opinion is that this cheaper remote lacks a power button and volume buttons. Now, I have to toggle between my tv's remote and the Roku remote in the bedroom which I've found to be quite annoying. The Roku stick+ has a power button and volume/mute buttons which makes it an all-in-one remote basically which is so much less of a hassle. If I were you, I would spend the extra $30 and save yourself some hassle.
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