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Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on February 26, 2003
The 12 Houses is my favorite book on houses and i have read many. I use this book as my main reference guide for houses for all my consultations and I have found it to be accurate, detailed and very comprehensive.
All the planetary placements by house are described here and very well, with a deep psychological profile as well as examples and facts. I love this book because although fairly simple in its structure ( it looks after all just any other astrology cookbook on houses), the psychology and insight are excellent. It is after all the work of the great Howard Sasportas, such an influencial british astrologer. This is the man that worked for so long side by side with Liz Green and , if I remember well, co-founder of the CPA in London. A non ordinary book from an non-ordinary man, I thoughroughly recommend this book, as you will find it such a valuable tool in your astrologiucal work.
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