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Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on June 21, 2019
Excellent book to get a quick start on deep learning! This is not a book to learn the theoretical aspects of deep-learning, rather it is a collection of hands-on examples to work through and learn by experience and the guidance provided by the author. That said, if you have seen neural networks from the 1990s along with the back propagation algorithm, and you can visualize the concepts of gradient descent and convolution, then this material is very easy to follow

The examples are setup on the Keras framework using TensorFlow as the backend engine. I used an EC2 p2.xlarge instance as suggested by the author. The setup required a bit of help beyond what's provided in Appendix B. Once setup though you will need to run from a virtual environment: "source activate tensorflow_p36". . . . . . My final thought is that after having read Chapter 7, I want to do a second pass using callbacks and tensorboard for better insight.
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