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Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on October 30, 2020
I'm LOATHE coconut flour and I started to find recipes that called for oat fiber, vital wheat gluten and psyllium husk instead. What a night and day difference. Yes, this bag is expensive, but when you're only using, at most, 1/2 cup for an entire loaf of bread, it lasts quite some time. It took me almost a year to get through the bag. In terms of flavour, I really can't tell. All the other ingredients in whatever I use this in by far overpowers whatever it alone imparts. The bread I use it in comes out the closest to the "real deal" I've managed to make since having to go low carb. It's kind of a must have if you have to eat low carb but still want to bake AND avoid the dreaded almond/coconut flour route.
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