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Reviewed in Canada on November 30, 2020
This was incredibly disappointing. I bought it to replace my echo dot, hoping my kids would be able to easily video chat with their grandparents, as well as display temperature outside etc...and the temperature is about all I use it for.
It is horrible at picking up any of my voice commands, I have to be standing right in front of it and shouting for it to register, and this is because it only has 2 microphones on the top pointed up and away, as opposed to The dot where there are four right on top. The sound is also subpar compared to the dot.

I find it somewhat helpful that my calendar events scroll across randomly, it has reminded me of a few things more than once, so that’s helpful. Other than that the screen is virtually useless. The personalization options are extremely limited, and I found I had to settle for something instead of picking some thing I really enjoyed looking at.

It is slanted backwards and The camera positioned as such that it basically points at the ceiling or you have to stand in front of it unless you have it on a very low surface. I’m not buying any stand or accessories for this, I wish I hadn’t bought it in the first place to be honest.

If it actually had the options to play Netflix, or to get apps it would be a whole lot better. But to scroll lyrics to songs and play music videos is pretty dumb if you ask me. It was not worth buying, I actually put my Echo Dot back where I had it because I was tired of shouting at the show and the poor sound quality.
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