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Reviewed in Canada on July 22, 2020
Game of Thrones

This has to be one of the most absorbent series I have watched. It will take you on an emotional journey of highs and lows challenging your moral and ethical beliefs, it calls on our understanding of conscious boundaries and tolerances and to what we consider the norms of human behavior. Game of Thrones demands us to examine ourselves and to rethink and test what is, or could be, to how we live our personal lives today. This is a story that can be put in contrast to what is very real in another time and place and to how society exacts these standards today.
Game of Thrones is a story of powerful love, family, and faith in humanity and the consequences of our actions or inactions. It is an epic series that has dragons, witches, sorcerers, demons and devils and monsters that live in our mind. We see the struggles of emotional bondage to our beliefs and the ability to move outside these boundaries to conquer our fears. The story teaches us the simple facts in life, such as no good deed goes unpunished, and that evil overpowers good. It also gives us some respite in that we see that there is a balance to evil and good and that there will never be a truly just society, that humans have emotional thresholds to what they can tolerate. This epic trip teaches us that we are all vulnerable, that we all have to be on guard, that we have to protect basic values and weed out the heretics and the deceivers of the truth.
Game of Thrones is a series which I highly recommend, even if you are not a fan of medieval history in which the story is cast. It will challenge you in ways you never considered, it takes us on a journey to the other side. Take the time to think, weigh and question your beliefs, it could change you.

Ron Jeffrey
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