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Reviewed in Canada on September 15, 2017
Frank Ahearn writes an incredibly engaging and thorough guide on how to disappear in an age where technology is so heavily integrated into our lives. Drawing from his experience as a skip tracer, "a person who tracks people down and uncovers private information for a living," Ahearn wittingly teaches you exactly what and what not to do. This book makes for both an entertaining and educational read. For those who simply want to reduce their digital footprint and protect their private information, to those who have legitimate reasons for wanting to disappear, this book is definitely for you. I could barely put the book down and learned many useful things about how to protect myself from those would would pretext their way to my valuable information. Definitely would recommend this book to anyone. But as Ahearn warns, "don't buy this book with a credit card. (But please do buy it!)"
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