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Reviewed in Canada on January 19, 2020
Looks like Amazon released this product without even doing beta testing, which seems to be the new thing with tech companies. FreeTime app on this tablet opens but none of the apps that I select for my son for his age show up in FreeTime. Amazon claims there are thousy of books, apps, movies for kids to enjoy. That is all bs or thier system is glitchy. I have talked to three different tech support people and none of them know what's going on. They say they will call back after researching more and don't come back with any solution. If anything, wait for this product to be fully backed. Right now it is useless and don't get the lower end tablet. There is barely enough processing power and ram for this thing to move at a snails pace. Your kids will be complaining about how slow this thing is. Battery life is Terrible. For a brand new one, it doesn't even hold a two hour charge. Very old tablet, with small battery, and old android OS.

Download FreeTime app on a different another tablet like Samsung with at least USB c charger.
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