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Reviewed in Canada on May 25, 2021
This is a great little torch. I got it to get rid of bubbles in resin, and it works great for that. I was worried about using a torch since I haven't before, my smoke alarm is super sensitive, and the pieces I'm working on right now are cast resin in deep wooden frames. But it worked great - haven't burned the condo down yet (and I didn't even singe the frames either).

The only thing that wasn't clear from the instructions – to me at least – is that you can't have the +/- slider that controls the height of the flame all the way down when you ignite the torch or it won't turn on at all. (Maybe I'm dumb but I thought pushing the slider all the way to the minus side would just mean 'low flame', not 'off even when you try to turn it on'.) So make sure the slider is up at least a little bit of the way when you turn the torch on.

Also, the product description here is pretty vague on this, but this is indeed the kind of torch with a deep collar that technically requires a butane can with a long nozzle for filling. Does it come with the little nozzle adapters they mention so you can use it with any nozzle type? Yes. However, it also says right in the instructions to only ever fill it from a can with a long nozzle. So I'm definitely going to make a point of getting the long-nozzle butane refills.

Next up for me... creme brûlée!
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