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Reviewed in Canada on December 14, 2019
Almost everything about this product is exceptional value for money, however, if I had to find things to be crtitical about I would say that:
1 - the hdmi cable should probably be at least 12 inches longer to accomodate large tvs and unit placement
2 - the remote has been designed in such a way that it is meant to be more 'intuitive' rather than filled with 1 specific button for each specific operation. I understand why they did this, and I think that after using it for a week 99% of people will catch on, however it was difficult to explain to my father who is 'not of the age of high technology' .

To me these seem like minor issues or to some people might be just what they're looking for, I note them here simply due to the fact that "I love it" as a review contains almost no informational value.
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