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Reviewed in Canada on August 17, 2020
Coming from Razor, Zowie FK2, I have to say this is probably one of the best mouse I've used.
-Long battery life, I use the mouse daily for at least 8-15 hours, bought this around July 8th, its the 17th of August and I've charged the mouse Twice to full!
-Accurate tracking w/ FPS Games(I play Apex, Valorant, CS etc) , true to the description of 1ms. No difference between a wired mouse.
one of the lightest mouse I've used in my life, it glides like you're on cloud9.
-Never owned any other Logitech mouse, but from what I can tell the mouse is built fairly well, no complaint so far. Will change this description if i get to try another Logitech mouse or if it breaks down.
-Can be used left or right handed!
-it is about 30-50$ more expensive than some of the other top mouse such as BenQ Zowie FK2 series which is around 70$, but well worth the price for no wire and fully customize mouse.

-Mouse reel is little bit wobbly, but unlocking it makes it feel smooth, its only in the lock position does the mouse reel feel a little weird and wobbly, but not very noticeable when you're gaming.
-Apparently there is a double click problem after few months of use, I heavily abuse my left click cause I am a FPS/MMO player, will report back and change my rating if this occurs.
-Some say the Logitech G hub is buggy, but the G903 can't be detected on the older Logitech gaming software which is a shame, but so far I've not ran into any problem using G hub, and its fairly easy, straight forward to use.

Debunk some negative reviews I see people have on here
-I would say this mouse is made to fit many different hand shape, its just matter of to your taste, even a smaller hand can use this mouse as you can left/right click on many different angles because how the left/right button is built. I have Medium sized hand and this fits in my hand perfectly.
-left and right click sound different? Yes they do, slightly, but who here actually is able to hear your left and right click when you're blasting music or playing video game?

At the end of the day, if you got some extra cash laying around, want a nice wireless mouse with super long battery life, then go for it, otherwise maybe pick up Zowie FK2 or other similiar Zowie mouse as they are as good as the G903.
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