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Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on October 16, 2021
why are these on a separate order and how do you associate it to the product you want to protect. i think this is done on purpose to make it nearly impossible to figure out which item you are protect down the road when you need it.

so i am editing this to bump them up a star, because in the end they are honouring their commitment and sending a check for the replacement of the product i protected. with a return label to ship back the broken one. (i assume as proof i am not full of it.)

should be noted however that they don't cover the taxes which i guess is understandable. Also at first they were trying to say that they were an extension of the warranty so i would have to wait another year or two before it kicked in. this was in direct contradiction to the confirmation email they had sent me which stated it started the day of purchase. also since i was asking for the accidental coverage to replace it, not something the manufacturer would do anyway.

so the only time i can picture buying this sort of thing is what i bought i for. over the ear headphones for a kid, when you can be pretty sure the kid will break them.
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