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Reviewed in Canada on August 7, 2019
I just finish looking at Alita and I don't understand something.

The movie cost, marketing included, is about 200 millions dollars. By what I have read, it made less than 85 millions in North America. If I'm not mistaking, it is a similar pattern that was written about Ghost in the Shell. Now, the studios expect and hope that Asia will receive the movie with applauses. Both are based on a Japanese comic book, a manga. And that's what I don't understand.

North America deeply love comic books since the first day they were thrown on the market. DC and Marvel can attest to that without any hesitation. Asian's mangas never stopped gaining in popularity through the last decades and they are a big seller here as well, no doubt about that. When Marvel and DC produce a movie, it is a big hit. When other studios produce a movie base on a popular manga, it is a big flop. Why ?...

Both movies were really well made, and they were refreshing. They provide a new genre, yes, but the story also introduce the same values that carries our DC and Marvel heroes. The only difference that I could find is that DC and Marvel gives us human heroes and Asian mangas gives us cyborg heroes with human brains. Or maybe I'm completely out of the track and all of it is only a matter of a wrong release timing. Who knows.

But as far as the movies, only as movies, are concern, I was delighted. Ghost in the Shell was really colorful and really surprising. Alita was less colorful but with so much more action. And the actors in both movies did a great job in performing their characters. It was definitively entertaining. My only regret is regarding that one single fact : even if the international countries respond favorably to the movie and doesn't matter how much more money they made over the cost of it, they won't risk a sequel. When North America snub a movie, it is over.

So sad, cause I would buy them.
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