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Reviewed in Canada on June 13, 2021
I have purchased first an add on outdoor camera when I realized that I needed the basestation to make it work. I ordered the basestation with one more camera.
Here I give the camera one star. Great size for what I wanted, not easy to setup but still easy enough for someone with outdoor camera knowledge.
Second star, easy to find all the ports. Good hardware to setup.
However, ridicules instructions with the free app online. No instruction in the manual in the box. You have to download the app and use the in-app instructions. I refuse to pay an app that comes with a camera and this camera does not perform well in the free app. You need to go to youtube to see better instructions, which are in many ways not very precise. Third star, good picture quality, great wifi range from the base. The camera in itself is not a bad camera, but the performance and the setup within the app are failing my standard of using a wireless live 24 hours life stream outdoor camera.
That is the downfall of this camera and why I probably will return it to Amazon.
Negative points- battery does not perform as advertised. Wyze advertises that the camera does live streaming, which it does. But it does not continuously life stream to be watched 24 hours on a monitor like a wired camera. It is said to work with Tinycam app but it always goes off line and don't even come back online unless it gets a trigger or is forced to come back. It doesn't make any difference to the Wyze app within my Ipad. It has to be connected again for a life view. If I have a motion detected ring come in, the camera is not connected to the app, but to the saved sd card. Since the video clip is only 12 sec. it is needles to say that it will not maintain proper security without life view kicking in right away. Getting a longer video clip needs a paid subscription. Here one of the advertising function goes somehow sideways.
I wanted a camera that life streams for 24 hours to my monitor app. Yes, I can wake up the camera if needed to get back to my monitor, but the battery is drained after 18 hours. I have set the intermission to 3 minutes, because with an only 12 sec video clip I will not get proper videos.
Therefore, this camera is not good for a security camera on a larger property. The time frame to get life streaming on my monitor and the video of 12 sec with an intermission of 3 min is totally useless to track any intruders.
Therefore, the battery life of the camera is totally wrong advertised as well as the monitoring for security which should be 24 hours daily.
I would not recommend the camera for security, unless you keep it wired all the time, which fails the purpose of being an outdoor security camera that goes anywhere. Everywhere it goes, but very limited.
Perhaps this could be improved by a solar panel to keep the battery always full. Again, if this would work with a continuous life view this camera would be perfect. As it is right now, for my house and property, it has too many limitations as well as a very poor program to work with as a free program. If I want to pay a security company to monitor my property I just go and get one and pay the fee and don't do it myself. Paying wyze a fee, even if it appear low for todays standard, is still not within my budget of adding more security cameras to the one I have already. It fails the purpose of the purchase to monitor my property alone without any company behind it. I have three other security cameras connected running tinycam monitor on two monitors in my house to see what is going on 24 hours a day. They are connected and set with their free programs and can be adjusted to tinycam's setting. They are wired and work now for a year without any problem. This camera is advertised as doing the same with a battery that should last at least 3 month but right now, it is not only performing 18 hours.
SD card - does not show videos so you always have to download them from the camera. It only saves jpeg pictures. Could be nice pictures, but totally useless for security. I guess I have to download a program of some sort to view the video clips that are way too short for any kind of security anyhow.
Right now, I am disappointed in the Wyze company as well as in this battery operated outdoor camera.

I give it a 5 star for night vision if it would monitor all the time.
I give it a 3 star for motion detection because the free program doesn't give enough option and you motion has to be set very high to perform.
5 star for picture quality. It has the appropriate settings but I am sure it will drain on the battery.
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