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Reviewed in Canada on June 2, 2021
Blackbird Mavrias, partly of Cherokee heritage and his long-time partner, Mimi Blackfoot are travelling through Europe. They are in search of a bundle of herbs and family souvenirs that Mimi's uncle brought with him to Europe when he joined a travelling circus a hundred years before. Bird is a writer but is stalled in his craft. He exhibits many moods, ranging from depression, despondency, distress, and discontent. Mimi has given each of these 'demons' separate names. He also has some pain, probably psychosomatic and diabetes. She is much more energetic and enthusiastic, always rushing off to popular tourist sites and trying to calm Bird's dark moods.

In this book, they are touring Prague we get flashbacks of their visits to other European countries, and to their lives back in Canada and the USA. In part, this works as a travel guide, with descriptions of sites of interest to the tourist, and ones to avoid. It was sometimes uncomfortable reading about their conversations which made me feel like an eavesdropper. It also touches on systematic racism, mistreatment of Indian people and tribes, and injustice in North America. .
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