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Reviewed in Canada on October 15, 2002
As a straight college student who has many gay friends, I thought this book was phenomenal. Am I Blue is a collection of 16 different short stories dealing with common problems facing the gay community. I feel that there is something that everyone can take away from this book, gay and straight alike. I was really touched by each characters story and now I can better understand what the gay community is going through. Am I Blue does a really good job of putting the truth out there. So many people are scared to talk about controversial issues such as homosexuality but this book does not sugarcoat it. Topics such as sex, confusion, homophobia, and harassment are all addressed in these short stories.
The many authors that contributed to this work took time in their writing. You can tell that they were not just writing these stories to pay the bills. There was passion and concern, a real drive to make a difference with each and every author. They each took a personal risk and put themselves on the line when they spoke out. I admire that.
When reading this book, one must keep an open mind. Because like I said many controversial issues are discussed. If one goes in with a set idea in their head then, one will not be able to except the book for what it is really worth.
Again, Am I Blue is an amazing book. I would recommend it to anyone with an open mind who is looking for some comfort or is just wanting a glimpse of what it is like to be gay in this world.
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