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Reviewed in Canada on June 15, 2020
We have had a sugar ants issue in our kitchen for a few years. They feed on invisible things. You can try and clean up as best as you can, they keep coming back. A drop of water, a minuscule crumb is like a feast to them. They typically build a satellite colony in your walls. They aren't damaging ants, they just are... well, insects in your kitchen.

This product works: it's got the right amount of borax (5.4%) - the sweet spot where the don't die before they reach back the colony (inside the walls) and enough so that they can kill the queen.

My advice though - after a few days you won't see any ants any more. Problem solved? I don't think so... There may be 1-10 ants that are still alive and working. You may have killed 99% of the ants. But they are so small that you won't notice the survivors. These need to be killed too, and it's a marathon. I would leave the traps where they are for a good 2-3 months, even if you don't see any ant activity, so that any surviving worker gets killed, eventually.
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