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Reviewed in Canada on May 10, 2020
I wouldn't read this book if you made it through your undergraduate degree already. Any useful advice or ideas you will have already been exposed to. Don't read Letters to a Young Scientist as an objective manual for success. It is appropriately named "letters" in that it is highly subjective. EO Wilson may have produced good scientific work, but this book borrows from that reputation and commits fallacies of false authority again and again. What expertise does EO Wilson have with psychology for example? What evidence is there to support his ideas about which personality traits will be held by individuals who will be great scientists? Personal opinion predominates the arguments in this book. I particularly dislike that list of personal attributes a great scientists will have, such as someone who does not play team sports. I don't recommend reading this unless you seek to be a mirror image of EO Wilson. If you believe our field would benefit from increased diversity, I wouldn't recommend reading it either.
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